Memorandum of Understanding

Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS)

between Transport Services and City Services Directorate, ACT
and the Council of ACT Motor Clubs Incorporated
to provide for the operation of the ACT Veteran, Vintage and Historic (including Modified Historic) vehicle registration arrangements.
These arrangements were upgraded on 3rd April 2023

Click this link to download the MOU - signed December 2022

MoU Signatories:

photo of MOU signatories

L to R: David Rogers (CACTMC Registrar),
Roger Amos (CACTMC President),
Murray Nichol (Transport Canberra, ACT),
Rod Paule (Transport Canberra, ACT)

CRS Presentation to Registrars - March 2023

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Concessional/Conditional Registration

Members of a Council of ACT Motor Clubs' (CACTMC) Affiliated Club have access to the ACT's Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS) for Veteran, Vintage and Historic (including Modified Historic) vehicles.

And as CACTMC is affiliated with the NSW based Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs, members of a CACTMC Affiliated Club are also able to access NSW's Conditional Registration under the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) and the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS).

Refer to the CACTMC By Laws for further details of these schemes.
The following is a summary:

ACT Concessional Registration

CACTMC co-manages the ACT’s Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS) in partnership with the ACT Road Transport Authority (RTA).

The CRS provides for the registration of veteran, vintage and historic (including modified historic) vehicles, both two and four wheeled, at a concessional rate under the following conditions:

ACT's CRS provides for up to 60 days of non-commercial personal use of the vehicle in addition to attendance at Club events. Every trip, be it personal use or Club runs, MUST be entered in the log book.

Download the ACT Application of Concessional Registration
Tick the box for "Veteran", "Vintage", "Historic" or "Modified Historic" as appropriate, complete the top two sections (Vehicle & Client details) and then ask your Club's Registrar to endorse the form before submitting it to Access Canberra. (If it is for an initial registration, you will also require a current certificate of roadworthyness. If it is a Modified vehicle, engineering report(s) will also be required.)

The process for electronic submission is described here: On-line renewal process for CRS applications. Alternatively the document can be submitted in person at an Access Canberra shop front.

Further details on the ACT's Concessional Registration Scheme for veteran, vintage, historic and modified historic vehicles in ACT is available from the ACT's Access Canberra web site:
veteran vintage and historic motor vehicle registration - overview


NSW Conditional Registration

NSW has two conditional registration schemes applicable to Club vehicles that are at least 30 years old and garaged in NSW:

FACT Sheet #1 TfNSW Historic and Classic vehicles - log books


CACTMC's Technical Advice Committee (TAC) is available to assist Club Registrars in determining eligibility for HVS or CVS vehicles if required.

Financial members of a Council of ACT Motor Clubs' Affiliated Club are eligible to apply for conditional registration under these schemes.

Note: There are significant differences beween the processes for registering (and re-registering) vehicles under the two NSW schemes! So read on ...

NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS)

The Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) is intended for essentially UNMODIFIED vehicles, manufactured more than 30 years ago. However, safety features such as seatbelts or turn indicators & in-period accessories such as: wheels, suspension lowering up to 25mm, a bonnet scoop, disk brake conversion from a later model of the same make, or a half roll cage in an open sports car are generally acceptable modifications under HVS.
If unsure, refer to your Club's Registrar or the CACTMC Registrar.

The HVS registration process for members of CACTMC affiliated clubs:

Further information on NSW's Historic Vehicle Scheme, and all of the necessary HVS documents, are available from the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) web site:

NSW Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)

The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) is intended for modified vehicles, that are 30 or more years old.

The Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) has been accredited by the NSW Government’s Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to approve all applications for CVS.

ACMC has produced the following documents to assist CVS applicants through the process.

Information on the NSW Classic Vehicle Scheme, is also available on the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) web site.


Further information ... ?

For further information regarding registration of a vehicle under either the ACT's Concessional Registration Scheme or under NSW's Conditional Registration, speak with the Registrar of your Club or the CACTMC Registrar at a CACTMC General Meeting.